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As I walk along this path called life I keep educating myself on different topics. When I had my awakening I dove into quantum physics, biology, neuroscience, health, awareness, energy, science, sacred geometry, spirituality and much more. What happened was I realized that most of what was taught to in schools and by my parents and the church and society wasn't really true. All those beliefs and stories and rules and laws and ethics passed down from one generation or system to the next. So many stories....and we all bought them all hook, line and sinker. We were not taught to question things. Quite the opposite. We were discouraged or even punished for questioning anything or any authority or what was taught to us as truths or "proper" or "right" or "wrong". When that happens we eventually cave in and stop questioning things and shut up and shut down....and that's where the domestication happens. Like dogs we do what we're told out of fear of being punished or not loved or seen as a trouble maker. When your goal is love and acceptance and you're a young child, almost all of us end up throwing in the towel for love and approval.

 When I started free-learning and the more I opened my mind and heart I realized there's a whole world of information available so that I can find my own truths and ideas about life. How exciting!!! How sad it would be to go through life and just accept all the things I was told. Thank God I was brave enough to strip back the layers of programming so that I could get closer to the essence of who I really am, what I really love and what's true and what isn't. My truth. One way I did that was by shutting off outside influences: peoples opinions, news/tv, magazines and get in touch with my own instincts and heart. That is the only way to find out truth for myself. Getting quiet, being alone and learning to trust my inner guidance. And research and learn! There's so much to learn! Most of us rely on outside influences to tell us what to do, what to think, how to feel, what to buy and the ways we should behave because we simply don't trust ourselves enough to decide on our own. That, and we worry we may offend someone. We care too much about how others feel and what others think or say. We are all responsible for our own feelings. Period. We get to choose how to respond or what to believe in each moment. If you find that challenging, practice and practice some more. No one owes us anything. We don't have to do things that make us feel bad so others feel better either. No! It has to stop. WE GET TO OWN OUR OWN FEELINGS AND HONOR OURSELVES TOO. You don't owe anyone anything. For me, those days are over. Gone! It feels incredible to be navigating life from the drivers seat and learning to trust myself and my instincts and my heart more and more each day. It feels like freedom and taste like truth. Freewill is a beautiful gift from our Creatrix. I wish more people exercized it.

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