About me...

My whole life I lived in fear. All my decisions were based on and from fear. I was paralyzed by it most of the time.


I didn't trust myself to make decisions because my track record was destruction and lack. I was living fully from a victim mentality and I truly believed that I was not in control of my life. I hated being an adult and being responsible because I felt powerless to create the life I dreamed of. I felt a lot sadness from processing and clearing other peoples pain so I tried to numb it with alcohol. I loved drinking because it helped to numb all that I felt. I became a full blown alcoholic by the time my daughter was seven. When I had enough I asked for help. This was the lowest point in my life. My bottom was also a new beginning.... the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

It took falling into the darkest time of my life to really go inside and start asking myself deeper questions:


Who/what am I?

What do I want to do now?

Who do I want to be?

What is this feeling that keeps me seeking?

What kind of legacy do I want to leave?

Why am I so unhappy and dissatisfied in my life?

I wanted answers and nothing was going to stop me from finding out the answers.


I was on a mission!

My journey of self awareness began at the age of twenty but I've spent the last ten years going where I never

thought I would go mentally, physically and spiritually. After I got sober and clear, I dove deep into everything

I could find because I wanted to see how great my life could get. I studied awareness, conscious language, 

quantum physics, biology, Universal Laws, sacred geometry, sciences, psychology and more. Somehow I

discovered plant medicines and my life was never the same. I've traveled throughout South America

and Mexico to study with shamans and worked with different plant and animal medicines.


Working with those healing medicines has shifted my life on every level. I now see beyond this reality and 

remember my true essence as an aspect of our divine creator. 


Some reasons why people do sacred ceremonies:

- treating addictions

- healing deep wounds or trauma

- ending depression, anxiety or PDST

- gaining clarity on life purpose

- healing disease

- reaching expanded levels of consciousness

- and more...


 I have personally journeyed in over one hundred ceremonies with various medicines. I am now combining

my coaching/healing practice with many lifetimes as a medicine woman and shamam in quantum energy

healings, sacred ceremonies and hosting transformational retreats. My mission is to be in service to 

humanity and help others see the Divinity that they are.


The more I serve as a medicine woman the more clearly I see one cosmic truth...

Love is always the answer.


I am also discovering wonderful things about myself.

I am smart. I am compassionate. I am gifted. I am a giver. I am successful. I am love. I am a healer. I love serving.


I spent my life seeking; trying to fill the void I felt inside. Little did I know there was an ancient Priestess inside me who was beckoning to reemerge. A deep knowing and calling from long ago whispered songs of liberation into my heart. it wasn't until I claimed my sobriety in 2009 that I started getting super clear. The veil was lifted as I learned to trust myself, speak up, stand tall and play big. I made a choice to live each moment from my heart and trust my Self as I journey my Earth-walk.


Through my ever increasing clarity I can see that my whole life was one initiation after another and all of my life's lessons and challenges have made me stronger. I bow deeply to them in gratitude. I finally discovered how

to love myself, live more authentically and why I felt discontent and unhappy my whole life...

It was because I was completely disconnected from all that I loved; including myself.


Today I live in a state of happiness and inner peace and bliss. If that sounds unbelievable, I understand that. I would have never believed that it was possible in my past but I promise you, with my whole heart, it is so true!!! I know what hopeless feels like and it is what motivates me to show you the way out of that space. It wont take you 25 years either.


The more I journey inward and am in service to others, the more gifts, love and abundance is gifted to me. My gifts include my message, my voice, mentoring, channeling a universal light language and intuitive shamanic energy medicine. I never set out with a desire to become these things; rather they were shown to me by God over time. Some things in life you just know and I know that I’ve been doing this work for lifetimes. I trust my own knowing today 

because I've spent my whole life remembering my true essence as a sovereign, illuminated, Divine being.


You can too. I know it! 

I see you. I love you. You deserve to be happy!!! ~Keely



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