I am is a professionally trained artist, Channel and healer who specializing in oils, watercolors and pastels. I am deeply interested in the effects of color and texture but mostly the emotional response to the healing vibrations and visual aspects that each piece holds. To me it's all about what I can put into each piece, what feelings it evokes and what it heals in others. Each piece of art is healing and holds super high vibrational key codes.


Over the past few years my style mirrors what I am feeling and where I an in my evolution. My latest pieces are channeled by Spirit and the process and result for each piece is as unique. I sing, dance, pray, chant, channel a Light Language and sometimes cry when I paint. I always communicate on a spiritual level with each piece of art. This started with the indigenous painting "Medicine Crow and Eagle". I wear a crow feather in my hair every time I paint now.


The emotions, vibrations and love that each piece holds will raise not only your vibration and fill your room with Divine healing frequencies and love. Some pieces hold deep healing of mine. I pray that my healing can assist you in your own process.

If you have a custom request for something you wish to heal, you can commission a custom piece specifically targeted for that. 


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“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” ~André Gide