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Triple Shared

Join us for a mastermind of the heart and soul. This eight day/seven night retreat is for women seeking a profound spiritual, mental and physical cleansing and healing, or anyone that wants to learn to PLAY IN THEIR POWER.

Are you feeling called to step into your Divine Feminine power? Do you need clarity in life? Is there a deeply rooted block that prevents you from living the life you dream of? Do you want to mend a broken heart or find your purpose in life? If any of these resonate with you or you have another intention for yourself, this is how we should do it, under the care and guidance of the medicine. Regardless of your intention going in, one thing is for sure... you will come out on the other side profoundly shifted consciously, with a knowing that you are a part of something much larger and a new found family for infinity....... the family of Taita Juanito. We will spend eight days and nights connecting with our power, honoring our path, learning shamanic traditions, healing in yage ceremonies and building a bridge of love between women everywhere. There is only acceptance, equality and understanding in this space.

Taita juanito is a very unique Shaman, he was declared so at age 15 by the Grandfather Taita Laureano (109 yrs old), which is very unusual for Shamans. They normally are declared in their 40s, 50s or even later. Taita Juanito is known for his compassionate heart, for his great humor, for his deep wisdom, for his incredibly powerful healings and his strong guidance during ceremony and in life.

During these ceremonies the songs and music are forms of prayer that bring healing energies into the ceremonial space. The sound vibration connects the shaman and plant medicine to the people. In the ayahuasca tradition it is said that the shaman and musiqueros sing the sickness away. In this particular tradition we have very highly qualified musicians that are also healers at the same time. Juan David Muñoz is the main musician at Finca Ambiwasi, he has recorded two CDs and he is highly renowned for his amazing powerful voice, his talent with all the instruments he plays and for his connection as a healer. 

We are also incredibly honored and blessed to have Jiarsagua Furativa Gacheta(Adriana), a powerful Medicine Woman, joining us. Adriana will be sharing Ancestral wisdom and teachings with us throughout this retreat. She has been working closely with Taita Juantio for almost 20 years but has a lifetime of knowledge and experience to share with us. 

Our personal experiences with Taita and his team has not only transformed our lives and opened our hearts, but totally expanded our belief of what is possible in life. We believe in this Shaman, we believe in this medicine, we believe in this path, we believe in you and we believe that anything is possible. We want to make this sacred gift of Ayahuasca(yage) available to all that desire healing, rebirth, clarity, change, or connection with all life. 

Our deepest desire for this retreat is that everyone that gathers to learn how to play in their power, connect with other sisters in unconditional love and compassionate support for one another and tap into a larger vision for our world and what is possible. Huge shifts are taking place on this planet. The change we all have been dreaming of is here. Its happening right now. We are the chosen ones and its time to own our power, teach our friends, family and future generations new ways of creating a life of love, peace and freedom. If this resonates with you, please come to this amazing gift of sisterhood, expansion, healing, knowledge, laughter and love! If you have been called to change, come. If you have friends, bring them. You are welcome, you are safe and you are unconditionally loved here. Aho!

Luxury Accommodations at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
Two Transformational Sacred Plant Ceremonies(yage)
One-on-one Consultations with Taita Juanito
Shamanic Teachings
Divine Feminine Activation
Integration support
Sacred Sisterhood Connection
Ayurvedic Wisdom
Mindful Living Practices
Daily Yoga
Daily Meditation
Sweat Lodge
Fire Ceremony
Three Organic Meals Daily
Beach, Laughter and Love!

Shuttle from Airport

Triple Shared Bath- $1977
Double Shared Bath- $2167
Single Shared Bath- $ 2357 
Bungalow King Private Bath(2 people)$2432 
Bungalow King Private bath(1 person)$3158
Gaya Suite & Bodhi House available(4 person min)inquire

$350 Deposit to reserve your space
$150 off Jan 18th - March 1st 2017
Balance due May 15th 2017

Please contact us with your email. Payments plans available.
Wire Transfer(contact us)
Donna Eldridge - 917.748.9428
Keely Spell - 561.945.1761

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