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Kambo - My First Time

I finally did Kambo last week! Kambo is one of the common names for a frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) native to the Amazon rainforest. Many Amazon indigenous ethnicities believe kambo to be a healer spirit and protector of physical and emotional health. Kambo is a poisonous secretion which come from the frog that indigenous use for strengthening the body, boosting the immune system of children and adults as well as getting rid of heavy energy that might be acumulated in the subtle bodies causing emotional pain and depression. Before kambo is applied to the skin by the shaman, participants drink two liters of water on an empty stomach. The top layer of skin is burnt with an incense stick and then the top later of skin is scraped off and the frog poison is applied so that the frog’s secretion is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Soon after this happens the body temperature and blood pressure rise and you start sweating and purging profusely. At least I did and so did everyone sitting with me during my kambo ceremony. It was no joke! Participants have to sit up in a chair, hold a large bucket with one hand and a cup in the other that is constantly filled the second you drink it. In addition to the two liters of water we before the ceremony, one continues to chug cup after cup in between the purging. I wish I could tell you how hard it is to drink that amount of water that fast while purging. The whole experience takes about 30 minutes while the shaman sings "kambo" ikaros. Afterwards everyone lies down to rest and reflect on what "came up"(no pun intended). The experience was super INTENSE! During and afterwards I felt super focused and recharged. One of my biggest take-aways though was that I saw the extent of my will power and dedication to my ascension. I'm going for it! Im exploring it long as it's from nature. No manufactured anything for me....going on four years now. Feels great and empowering!!!

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