Peace, Love & Freedom

April 14, 2016


Peace....what a beautiful word. It even sounds nice doesn't it? It's what we all want. Wouldn't you agree? Peace, love & freedom? I've had so many intense moments of peace and joy lately. yesterday at the pool...

I was in the pool up to my waste...moving my arms around feeling the water on my palms...the breeze blowing on my skin....smelling the fresh air...hearing the birds... 

I was so aware of my senses it all and so deeply grateful that I can relish these amazing elements using this amazing vessel(my body), that I just burst out laughing. Then burst out crying. I just let myself cry and laugh. It was beautiful and peaceful and healing all at once. I am going to take better care of this body that houses my me(the soul). I want to experience and feel as much as possible!

I wish moments like that for you!!!! I am certain you deserve it.

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