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My friend left her body this morning...

So I found out this morning that my childhood friend, Byhia has left her physical body and ended her fight with cancer.

I feel sad (so many tears)but I also feel hope. Byhia fought so hard! And the beautiful and inspiring part was that she smiled and laughed and joked and was positive all the way until the end! It blew me away! And it's got me thinking... What was she fighting for? Why? Who? What? Questions one might think about at times like this.

I don't fear death. I used to. No longer. Not since I've discovered what I have about this universe and myself. This is just one small piece of my journey. Only one life I will live. Struggle doesn't feel good so I'm unsure what my feelings would be in her position.

I mean I love and adore my daughter. There's an excellent reason to keep going. I love my friends and family. Two more. I truly enjoy connecting with others. Learning. Travel. Creating. Laughing. Giving. Exercise. Yoga. Painting. Guitar. Golf. Hugs. Passionate kisses. Making love. Driving in my car. Music. Singing. Making plans. Dreaming. Sharing. Teaching. Supercross. Hiking. The beach. Cooking....

So many amazing things in this life. So many things I'm clueless about. So many things I'm curious about. So many people I'm connecting with...reasons still not revealed. So many ideas!!! inventions and ideas! Unfinished business and love and connections and joy and laughter still out there and right inside me here.

So today, right now in this moment....I feel most grateful for this moment....feeling so much love and gratitude for my life, my hopes and dreams, and so grateful that I was blessed to know my friend Byhia since Jr. High school....

I love you sweetie! Be pixie dust or a Carolina Tarheel or the blanket in your sons bed.....Be whatever you want....I know you are finally free.

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