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Separation in America


The United States is home to 5% of the worlds population but 25% of the worlds prisoners...... Why? Keep reading...

Most of my life I was partially racist. What? Partially??? That makes no sense! Please bare with me as I become completely transparent. When I say that, I mean I learned racism but I also had many great friends over the years that were black/African American. I made racial jokes because my friends or family did but I also love my classmates and friends and saw them as humans just like me. How can that be you may ask....

I get it. Honestly, I dont know. I am just sharing with you what I feel in my heart. I have tears running down my face right now. I feel so much shame for all the thoughts I had at times or things I have said over the years. I feel deep remorse for my part in contributing to hurting anyone on this planet and the separation and depression of any race. I know it was learned and I also know it never truly resonated in my heart. I took up for black kids in school and I had many arguments with family members over the years defending them too. I also felt rage towards them at times in my life, so I am just being open here.

See, my heart hasn't changed. My views have changed. My life has changed. My beliefs have changed. What happened? I woke up. I became conscious and I educated myself on the reality of what has happened to us as a society. The brainwashing that has taken place over this past century. I could go deeper but I want to stay focused on what I am feeling about this subject.

Something happened inside me when I realized what I am and my connection with God; God is everything. My heart cracked open for everything on the planet. I feel this overwhelming love for everyone but especially the weak, mistreated or wounded. Its always been inside me. This compassion. I have always felt pulled to protect people and things I believe in. Its my nature and my heart. Except now, nothing or anyone is excluded.

I know I didnt choose what I learned as a child growing up in NC and you simply dont know what you dont know. And most of the time you dont even know to question things you dont know. The truth is, we've been dooped, lied to, manipulated and brainwashed by our government for long enough! Its sickening.

I feel sad when I think of all the pain and suffering and ways I may have contributed to the current condition of the planet, however unintentional. It feels very heavy on my heart now because I keep learning of all the pain that there is in this world. I feel pulled to share it with you here on my page. Its just what feels right to me to share what I am learning. My mission is to help heal the world and my page is one platform that I use to hopefully accomplish this goal. I am not sure how successful I will be but it will not be from lack of courage or effort.

I just watched a documentary on Netflix and it really opened my eyes. I knew some of the info in it, but not most. I am not in any way shocked by what I learned but its effect impacted me greatly. I invite you to take an hour and a half and invest in learning what kind of system we bow to and how they have trained white and black people to hate and fear anything but white people. I know you could be feeling huge resistance to this but please trust me. This is so important for us, our children and our world.

The documentary is: 13th. Its on Netflix.

Im sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you! XXOO

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