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Shift Your Thinking

Are you making life harder than it has to be? I use to. Are you are stuck in the same old thinking and behavior? I was. Are you unwilling to see thing in a different way? Are you using the same solutions over and over again and expecting a different outcome?

I watched a lady body boarding at the beach today. It's windy as hell here today! Each time she came out of the water she would hold the board by its leash. It was flying all over the place. I watched her struggle with the board and watched it whip her over and over again! It was crazy to me! I was thinking....urging her in my mind "grab the board with your hands sister! Thats all you have to do!". She didn't hear me. Lol. This lady was in her sixties and I respected her zest for life so much and wished that she wasn't making it so hard on herself. Finally right when I pulled out my camera to document it for this blog, she figured it out. Victorious!!!

I sat there thinking about how many people walk through life the same way, getting beat up when all they have to do is shift one small thing or change one thought or habit and their experience would totally change. They could create an easier existence and life would flow.

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