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Don't Give Up

About 6 years ago I wanted to check out. As a matter of fact there have been many times in my life that the idea crossed my mind....taking my life that is. I would never take my life though. I took a bottle of 16 ibuprofen once to get my ex boyfriend's attention but I knew I wouldn't die from it so that doesn't count. I've come to realize that there's gonna be really hard times in life. Sometimes it's a week. Sometimes a month or even years. It sucks when I'm in it but on the other side.....that's where I can turn around and look and see all the beautiful lessons and expansion that took place. All those glorious gifts of grace just for me. Gifts of grace???? Suffering and pain is grace??? Yes. Grace. I no longer look at life as happening to me. I am no longer standing in victimhood. I use to. I didn't know any other way. Now I am a VICTOR! I came through it all and I sit here full of grateful tears for the strength that each lesson taught me and each struggle built me. I see life happening for me! It's all for me!!! For me!!! And it's happening for you too. Open your mind and open your heart....shift your perspective....and be open to see the gifts life has JUST FOR YOU! Each time someone pushes your buttons, you have been given an opportunity to show grace and compassion to another human being. Each time you are down and out, it is an opportunity to be grateful for what you still have. Each time a relationship ends, you have been given the gift of independence and freedom to meet your real soul mate. And on and on.... The lessons are there. The gifts are there. Life is here. Right here; right now. Thank you God. Thank you Great Spirit. Thank you Mother Earth. Thank you brothers and sisters. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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