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I made this especially for you Keely!

Concourse B at the Ft Lauderdale airport looks like most others I've seen but I assure it's not. I was heading to Boulder, Colorado on a 7 am flight. I decided to get a Flat White from Starbucks right beside my gate. When I was walking up I heard a guy from behind the counter talking to someone with so much enthusiasm that at first I thought he was being sarcastic. I mean he was VERY friendly and his voice was pretty loud and animated! His name tag said Aaron and I'm guessing in his late 20's.

I got in line and listened to him have a similar exchange with each person as they came near his end of the counter. "Where are you heading today Johnathan!?!?" "Are you heading there for something wonderful???" "I made this especially for you Tara!!!!" "What a pleasure it is to serve you today Keely!" I fell in love. I watched this man transform each persons mood as they came for their coffee that he made with love. Each person spoke and smiled. You had no choice. Some were a bit uncomfortable with his zest for life but they still couldn't resist his charm. This guys love of people, heart of service and passion was too great not to be effected by it. He was magical!!!

When Arron handed me my coffee I looked him right in the eyes and said, "You are such an amazing soul. You change lives each day and I know my coffee was made with love. Thank you so much! It's an honor to meet you." And I shook his hand.

I walked away and thought about him for days. What a wonderful world this would be if we all lived like that....served like that....connected like that. He made a lasting impression on me. He didn't just make my coffee, he made my day! If you're ever on concourse B near gate 13, stop by and get some great coffee and the best service ever!

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