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I AM me.

These days, when I think about a relationship I am a lot more confident than I use to be. I was thinking recently about how little I used to think of myself and how concerned I was about what I had to bring to the table in a relationship.

I used to always worry about something. I worried about my body, then I worried that I didn't have a four year college degree, then it was that I didn't have a high paying corporate job, then that I was a single mom, then that I lost everything and then I thought...'STOP THIS MADNESS!' I am not any of those things....they do not define who I am. I do! I am who I am. I am me. I am the sum total of all my experiences and actions and efforts and mistakes and relationships and lessons and music and travels and education and books and talents and gifts and lovers and connections and thoughts.....and I am none of those things as well. I simply and oh so complexly, am.

Its takes a long time to learn some of the beliefs we have lived with since childhood....some take an instant to change us forever. The great news is that if we are willing to become aware of what is bullshit and what is possible in life, a whole new world opens up. And its so exciting to create the life you want and feel the way you want to feel!

I am not saying I have all the answers or that I even have my shit together half the time but I do know this.....if I can go from where I was, with no hope and totally depressed and full of fear and thinking I had nothing to bring to a relationship 3 years ago, to full of hope and happiness and faith and loving myself and knowing my worth.....then you, my friend, can too.

We are all here on this planet together....each of us born into different circumstances just wanting to be seen, heard, touched, loved, celebrated, honored and appreciated. Its taken me a long time to realize that success has nothing to do with money and I know my soulmate feels the same way. Wherever he is....

Until then, Im gonna keep lining up these chakras and creating the life of my dreams!!!

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