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One of the core beliefs I have lived with my whole life is that I was not enough. For some reason my circumstances were such that I never felt that in my home. I don't say this from a victim place but simply my experience and memory about what helped shape my beliefs about myself and what was possible in life. My family didnt "do" anything "to" me. My parents did the best they could and I had a pretty happy childhood but for some weird reason(s) I never got the I-am-enough or I-am-worthy core belief. My sister did and we grew up int he same home. Go figure....Of course no one in my home had the same experience. We all have our own versions of the truth. And that's perfect too. It's the way it was suppose to be.

My whole life I never felt like everything was going to work out. I always had a feeling of lack and made every decision in my life based on fear. It paralyzed me at times and I still get glimpses of it here and there but I decided to change all that about my experience and create a new truth for myself. One of total love and faith and trust and being more than enough....

Looking back over my life I see how deeply this belief effected my self-worth, choices and my self talk. It fucked me up to honest. I know now that it all happened to help shape me into the person I am right now, in this moment, typing this message to tell you that you are enough. You always were and always will be enough....more than enough! The key is to undo or unlearn the false truths we've been conditioned with.

It's time to know your worth and love yourself in a way that no one was able to or could. You are the only one that can give you everything you need to feel loved and feel like you are enough. It's inside you.

I see you. I love you. You deserve to be happy and YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

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