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Earlier today I took a couple of hours to myself and went to the pool. I was working with my headphones in and was pausing my audio and taking notes and I heard the conversations going on around me.

I found the conversations so interesting.

I want to preface that this post doesn't come from judgement but as a conscious observer....

So at one point I paused my audio and the comment that pulled me in was "I'm getting old but I don't really have a have a choice do I? I feel worse than I look.".

I wanted to yell(I did inside my head) "Yes! You do!" but I just listened. At first;)

There was talk of the horrible political candidates, liver disease, balding....then I hear one older lady start talking about her mom. This lady is in her 70s and I can still hear the pain in her words as she spoke about how hard it was growing up in her home. I was thinking wow....her too....after all these years. I am so grateful that I am healing my scars and programming new beliefs.

I know you resonate with this.

We all, on some level, have deep wounds from our pasts. One comment from a parent, sibling, friend or teacher can create a negative core belief in us. If we don't have the skill-set or mindset to know how to fully experience it once and release it, it will be stored in our body and a negative energy called a shakti.

These experiences or beliefs will continually be triggered in us by something or someone that reminds us of that situation. It will continue our entire life if we do not release them. They also turn into pain and disease(dis-ease). Truth.

My case in point is the lady at the pool earlier. I decided to let her in on my secret by the way😂I walked over and asked her and Bob(another older person)if they were interested in learning how to actually become younger and feel younger. That it was completely possible!!! They were skeptical but listened as I told them about the power of the subconscious mind and how you could create new beliefs about what's possible in your life and how they could stay sharper and keep from losing their memory and become more focused with nero plasticity and exercise and meditation. Lol! I swear I did. And they were hearing me. It was epic and I feel great!

I sat in my chair and wasn't going to say anything but then I thought about what I would give for someone to have told me what I know now when I was younger.

We should make an effort to connect with other souls and share with them the things that are good and helpful to us....share what we are all truths about life and this universe, consciousness, and whats possible. That you're not just along for the ride and that there is hope!!!!! Let's face it, you dont know what you dont know. We're all in this together and by helping one person, we help the collective. It's my opinion that is what it's all about. That's where we're headed anyway. Why not help it along? Go ahead....

Share the love! It feels so great!



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