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Oh! That's why!

I love ah ha moments! Those magical moments when I get clear about something or realize why something in my life happened. Oh! That's what I was suppose to learn! I used to live my life as a victim. Not consciously, but I thought bad things were happening to me and I had no control over most things that occured in my life.

I have not always been happy inside nor did I have a clue how much power I had. Years ago I felt empty, lost, and unsuccessful in many areas of my life. I felt like a victim to circumstance and I had no clue how to change it. I felt hopeless many times in my life. I've been driven to my knees simply because I had nowhere else to go but.......

I kept on going.

Today, I own my life and I'm still stepping into my power! Is my life all that I dream? No, but it's exactly where I am suppose to be on my path and I'm so happy I cry from pure joy and gratitude many days. I'm still growing and becoming the best me I can be. The great news is that being in the drivers seat of my life is creating all kinds of extraordinary in so many ways......connecting with epic people.....and feeling joy in my heart and peace and quiet in my mind( most days - LOL ).

I now realize that each event, feeling, and choice I made was preparing me to end up right here typing this to you and hopefully help you in some way. I also know that the each feeling and choice I make today is creating my tomorrows. That is why its so important to embrace even the bullshit or tough times that happen in life. Don't fight them because they are already happening and we create it all anyway. Plus, there's always an opportunity for growth from all our experiences.

Look hard...the "take aways" are there!

Always. It may take years to see the lesson we were suppose to learn, but it will come to you if you are open to receiving it.


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