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Gratitude Has Changed My Life

You've probably heard the phrase "Attitude of Gratitude" before.

It's all over the place. I first learned a lot about gratitude from the rooms of AA when I quit drinking over 6 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made. I didn't know a lot about gratitude. Was I grateful for some things in my life? Sure. Did I know the impact that word/action/feeling would have in my life 6 years ago? Never. I'm so grateful that I did!!!(see what I did there-lol)

My reasons for gratitude and the meaning and feeling of it has changed over the years. Just as life. One of the greatest things I ever did was start a gratitude journal in 2009. I am convinced that it is maybe the single most important thing I have done in my life to bring true happiness and peace in my heart.

Today I live with a heart full of gratitude!!!

Do you have a gratitude journal? Do you write in it daily?

If so, keep on writing in it! Never stop. If not, I invite you to start your own and watch the miracles begin to appear in your life. Just write down 5-10 things each morning and/or night. I do mine while I have my coffee or tea in the morning and sometimes again before bed. Examples: love, my daughter, my talents, laughter, my home, good music, my ceativity, etc.

Why is a gratitude journal so important?

When you are in a state of gratitude, you become a magnet to more great things in your life. How is that possible? Well, without geting too into biology or physics or neurology, we are all vibrational beings. We are energy. Everything on this planet is energy, just vibrating at different rates of speed. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you know that what you focus on will expand or multiply. Since like attracts like.....then it makes sense that if you focus on all the good that you have in your life, you will attract more and more wonderful into your life.

I know it works! Its a wonderful way to start your day and a wonderful habit to teach your children. In our home, my daughter, London, is not allowed to pick up her cellphone in the morning without writing in her gratitude journal. One of the things on her list almost daily..........her phone! LOL. Hey, guess what? Thats exactly the teach her gratitude for the wonderful gifts she gets to use and experience daily. Woo hoo!!!! Win-win!

Today I am grateful for: you, my new blog, choices, kissing, laughter, good coffee, muscles, my daughter, joy, new facial cream, and traveling!

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