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The fullness of my work is to be an ally and guide for women to access their inner chambers which are separate, numb or closed off. I support women in coming home to themselves in all the complexities of our multidimensional selves. Breathing and being with what arise from our inner core, facing the grief, sadness, loss or whatever holds us in doubt, fear, struggle, lack,  abandonment and limits our light or capacity to align with our divine essence.


I offer practices which enable women to inhabit more of their fullness, to reclaim these fragmented aspects and stand in their beauty, strength and wholeness. This is a deep journey of re-membering and loving yourself into being, creating a life which is joyous, expansive and receptive. I encourage a space of courageous vulnerability learnt from my own deep practice of loving myself in to wholeness, welcoming all the wounded, neglected parts back in with compassion and acceptance. I hold my hand lovingly at the back of women, supporting them to walk their own paths with courage so as to be the best version of themselves, welcoming in the life their deep wombheart dreams of. 


I use healing practices as a catalyst and portal to gain access to that which needs supporting and loving into wholeness. I hold women with awareness, vibrational remedies, shamanic journeys, visualizations, mentoring, ceremony and ritual, honouring rites of passage. I hold retreats, gatherings and ceremonial circles to empower, enliven and support women to stand in their fullness. Working in this way is a joyous gift for me to see women grow and flourish, while building a community which is earth centered, courageous, love filled and ready to walk this world into a new way of being.

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