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Welcome DIVINE One...

My given name is Keely Jo Spell.


I am a gate keeper for the new Earth, a medicine woman and High Priestess.

I live a life of service facilitating shamanic ceremonies and destination retreats. 


I cracked the code for co-creating with Source.


I am a conduit of the Divine mother and the akashic field... 


a vibrational alchemist flying on the wings of grace.


I am here to illuminate brightly and love unconditionally.


I am in service to the ALL by sharing embodied, ancient wisdom teachings and healing practices.


I help people fully embody so they can re-member their spiritual gifts and be in service to others.

I am deeply passionate about all things involving the divine feminine.

I celebrate and see all sentient beings as aspects of Goddess/God.


I am here to create a New Earth and I know, without a doubt, that I will fulfill my divine assignment.


I would be deeply honored to serve you and be a steward for you on you on your journey.


I see you. I love you. I have a key for you!!!

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Visit our New Earth Sister Site...

To attend one of our many healing ceremonies...



Our sister site, Universe of Grace,

offers 25 sacred, healing hapés to assist you on your healing path. Hapé is a medicine that of power that connects us to the goddess of creation... 



We offer kuripes and tepi's for using our sacred hapé snuff. We are honored to help support indigenous tribes in Peru and Brazil as well as medicine peoples in North America. 

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